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Consciousness In Studying Gods Word

It was on a Thursday evening, when I was just tired, very tired, so I decided to do my reading routine. Decided to read my Bible (from my Mobile, which has my best translations). At first, was kinda disturbed about... Continue Reading →


Some Reality with Life Challenges

How has Life been treating you?Though you don't always have what you want. You've been so down feeling all hope is lost whenever you think of that one particular issue. See, Worrying over that issue won't make any positive difference,... Continue Reading →

Wise Investment in Friends

​The activities you invest your time in now, will determine what you get out of your future. Many people have so much restricted themselves to a particular friends, business, colleagues, and even environments; even when they know they're not in... Continue Reading →

Some Hidden Truth About Your Relationships

Relationship are meant for a particular term, either long term, short term, or forever term. So be careful you don't go struggling with a short term relationship thinking its meant to last forever (vice versa).. So try your best to... Continue Reading →

Some Truth You Should Know When Passing Through Challenges and Tough Times 

Many people have dwindled and fall as a result of their ignorance.  Not still knowing (having the information) they can still stand and become a better person. So what you know and how you make use of the information you... Continue Reading →

What To Do When People Look Down on You

Everybody knows something, But nobody knows everything. Knowing that its not possible you know everything should be in our subconscious. So, when an individual tend to look down on you just because he/she has knowledge of a particular element or... Continue Reading →

Questions Smart People Always Ask

My aim today is to challenge your thinking and get you focusing on what is truly important to you so that you can step up, tweak, change where you are in order to get to where you should be. Because... Continue Reading →

Tough Times Don’t Last

In recent times, due to the economy crisis some individual have find it challenging as regards to getting what they want, be it finance, having the love and care they need from family and friends. If you not in that... Continue Reading →

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