How has Life been treating you?Though you don’t always have what you want.

You’ve been so down feeling all hope is lost whenever you think of that one particular issue.

See, Worrying over that issue won’t make any positive difference, rather it will get to bring about negatives which will keep you blind from seeing the positives around, that need you to be grateful of.

Instead of worrying of those issues, Commit yourself to discipline your Emotions, so as not to be controlled by it.

So many people gets loose when they are financially broke.. They no longer value their self-esteem, they no longer think abstractly as done when they have finance.

This happens because they attached their emotions to having money and likewise how much they have. So if anything tends to happen to the money, it happens to them also.

That is,

if the money dies, they die.

If the money grow, they grow..

And likewise if the money remain stagnant, they remain stagnant..

Know who you are with or without that thing that seems to always make you depressed.

To some people its money, to others it might be Power, friends, relationships etc..

These times are when you need to stand your ground, make and take responsibilities of that decisions without your emotions influencing it..

And finally like I always say, Read good books and apply those good principles, you see yourself becoming a better version of yourself.

And Remember, trust in God and He will direct your path..