​The activities you invest your time in now, will determine what you get out of your future.

Many people have so much restricted themselves to a particular friends, business, colleagues, and even environments; even when they know they’re not in any way improving or becoming a better version of themselves.

We are all rich people if we invest the time we spend.

The time we stay with friends sometimes needs to be questioned, just as you question that business which you’ve stayed that isn’t yielding profit or not bringing returns irrespective of the level of investments. This doesn’t mean you break up with your friends or terminate your relationships.

Pertaining that friend of yours, in what way have you invested (psychologically, emotionally, financially, time, morally etc) in such friend?

In as much as you ask yourself those questions of the investment you made concerning your business, likewise ask yourself questions about your investments with your time, friends, family, relationships etcetera. 

You can’t be investing in a friend who in return won’t make you become a better you or add value to you as an individual. If you do, you will engage the rest of your life spending unnecessarily as regards to all ramifications and you will discover you are always bankrupt of what you need in fulfilling purpose.

So invest wisely, don’t just derive pleasures in making any kinda investment (in friends) but rather make investments that will bring about your development and make you become a better version of yourself.