Relationship are meant for a particular term, either long term, short term, or forever term.

So be careful you don’t go struggling with a short term relationship thinking its meant to last forever (vice versa)..

So try your best to define your relationship. When you do that, you can tell when the relationship is meant to terminate.

One problem with some individuals is that, once they hook up with you as an individual, they just conclude its gonna be for a life time, neglecting the rest people they are meant to meet too in accomplishing purpose.

See, the fact that the relationship is a short term doesn’t mean you both are quarrelling, No. Its just that the relationship has reached its destination and if you don’t elite from that vehicle(ie the relationship) you will crash and which could lead to the destruction of what has been gathered for years. And can also lead to loss of Purpose.

So always define your relationship, it will help you know your destination and when you’ve reached the destination.. So as to enable you grow to becoming a better person.

Your ability to define your relationships will help make you focus on your purpose.

Because you will already know the set of people you need to work with in accomplishing a particular task.

Don’t make the mistake of joining any wagon just because its moving, know where you want to head to and join the right car for that destination.

Some people don’t define their relationship because of some following reasons;

1. They don’t have anything in common with the other person or party involve. So they just neglect the opinion of defining the relationship, irrespective of the other party’s thoughts and opinion about them.

2. They might be ignorant of the fact that people are great assets. And how you relate can either benefit you both or make you both a liability..

3. They are scared of the outcome of defining their relationship not just because they don’t want to, but because they are scared of what the outcome may be.

4. And maybe they have no clear idea of what they can benefit from defining their relationship.

So be conscious of your relationships.

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