Many people have dwindled and fall as a result of their ignorance. 
Not still knowing (having the information) they can still stand and become a better person. So what you know and how you make use of the information you know matters a lot.

The following are some of the things you should know when passing through though times.

1. You must have a tough time

As an individual, never you have a mindset that there won’t be time when you experience challenges (at each level you find yourself, there is always a challenge you’ll encounter, think of any either small or big). 

If you haven’t experience such that means you haven’t done or attempted any new thing.

2. Tough times don’t last forever

The challenge of ‘learning how to walk’ you encountered when you were little does not exist again. Isn’t it.?

That’s to say at a point in time there are challenges you will face that you just have to figure a way out on becoming a better person. Just as some skills and tricks were used to make you learn how to walk..

3. Always be conscious of what you are to learn.

In any challenge, there is always a lesson to learn. YES, if you haven’t noticed it, ask yourself deeply, ‘What are the lessons I have learnt?’ or ‘What are the lessons that this situation wants me to learn?’

4. You won’t have everyone around you.

We all know the stories of friends in school who only visits when the food is ready. They never contributes in the making of the food; which doesn’t mean you won’t share the food with them when its ready.

So likewise you are in the cooking process, its a process where you discover more about yourself, develop your skills, and become valuable to the society that they will want to partake in the abundance that proceeds from such.

So take your time and don’t consider giving up, committing suicide or any negative action as an option during your tough time (better said, Making Process time).

Because you will be grateful and happy of the person you becoming when you look back at the obstacle and how/where you Started.

Feel free to share and add also some of your thought about challenges and how they have made you become a better person.