Everybody knows something, But nobody knows everything.
Knowing that its not possible you know everything should be in our subconscious.

So, when an individual tend to look down on you just because he/she has knowledge of a particular element or discipline you don’t have knowledge about, don’t feel bad just say to yourself,

Everybody knows something, but nobody knows everything.

After doing so, in your closest or quiet time ask yourself this question ‘What do I know?’.

When asking yourself that question don’t conclude by saying you don’t know anything, because that’s a wrong answer by default.

Get a pen and book, or notepad; pen down all the things you know within that can be done by you.
For example you could write in this manner,

  • I can sing
  • I can write stories
  • I can play the guitar
  • I am a hair stylist
  • I am a graphic designer
  • Am learning how to code
  • Am learning how to sew
  • Etcetera

After writing them down, ask yourself agian, How do I go about becoming better in what I have listed?

Start from one of your listed at a time and prioritize them. Then you think of possible ways you could improve at such skill.

Then you acquire the required and necessary knowledge attached to such discipline. And with consistency and discipline you will be surprise at the level of knowledge you will attain as regards to that discipline.

So never you look down on yourself just because of people’s opinion about you.

Know that, 

Someone opinion about you must not be your reality