In recent times, due to the economy crisis some individual have find it challenging as regards to getting what they want, be it finance, having the love and care they need from family and friends.
If you not in that category you tend to be more liberal in handling some issues. But those who find themselves here are at any point in time are close to becoming a step better than who they were or worse, depending on the decisions they make.

So the decisions you make during this times are very important. Try your best to take note of the following;

  • Best decisions are not made when you are angry.
  • You didn’t choose the family you’ll be given birth to (maybe if you were given the opportunity, you might probably choose the wealthy and best family).
  • Since you couldn’t choose the family to come from, You can choose to make your family the best family you know. How do you make that happen? Ask yourself similar questions, pen your answers both good and bad. But its advisable you implement the good.
  • Don’t compare yourself and family with some other person or family.
  • Know you not here (on earth) to compete with anyone, but rather you here to fulfill purpose.
  • And stay Focus to the Purpose, because all that are happening now will make you strong.

Conclusively, don’t just limit yourself to what you know now or have learnt. Study, Read good materials or  books, learn and implement what you’ve learnt (don’t be scared of failing). And you discover you becoming a better version of yourself daily.